DorWest Interior Doors

DorWest Interior Doors
R&R Windows and Doors is an Authorized Dealer for DorWest Doors: thousands of possible configurations available using our standard door styles, panels and sticking options. With Dorwest, you can easily customize a look that's all your own - without the custom cost. New to the DorWest line is the Quirk Series: Contemporary Style - Sleek, Clean, Modern Lines to fit todays styles homeowners are looking for at a unbeatable price. Call R&R Windows & Doors today for a quote for your New Build or Remodel Project. 303-287-0887

Why Choose DorWest:

If you’re looking for an innovative, quality door that has countless design possibilities, we have the door for you.

Our innovative design allows us to deliver many benefits you won’t find with a traditional door.

No stile and rail separation – ever.

Great stability because of the monolithic design.

Design flexibility – different panel designs on the same door. Ex: A five panel style on one side and something entirely different on the other side – two panel, one panel, mirror, whiteboard, etc.

Custom “stile and rail” sizing with no additional charge. Do you like a certain door but wish the stiles, rail, or panels were a different size? No problem. You’re the designer. Let us know how you’d like it to look and we’ll take it from there.

Price stability – custom door companies can do most anything you want done, but it all comes with hefty price upcharges. Dorwest’s design platform allows us to offer many options for no or little upcharge. Dorwest lets you customize a look that’s all your own without the custom cost.

We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a full 10 year warranty. Compare that to most companies 1 or 2 year warranties and Dorwest really stands out.