208 - Awning Operator- Old Style - (1988 to Feb 2, 1998)

208 - Awning Operator- Old Style - (1988 to Feb 2, 1998)
Item# 208
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Product Description

Amesbury Truth Sill Mounted Awning Operator

Replacement part for Hurd Awning Window Old Style Vintage: 1988-Feb 2, 1998. For Awning Windows Glass Size Call Out 27,31,35,43 wide.

Colors In Stock: White, Goldtone, Bronze and New Goldtone

Special Order Colors: Beige and Clay - No Returns

Known Part Number: 208, U.S. PAT. 4505601, PAT. CAN. 1986, 45301 Known Brands: Hurd, Truth, Amesbury Truth, Biltbest, Cradco, Weather Sheild.

For instructions on how to replace a operator please click on our R&R Window Blog Link: R&R Window Blog

Steps in video below are very similar when replacing a older style awning window operator.

Quick How To video on removing a Hurd Casement Sash from a frame in a few easy steps. If you are replacing the operator on a Casement there is no need to disconnect whole sash from the frame. Just disconnect the operator arms from the sash bracket and/or track shoe from the sash as shown in the 1st part of the video. No need to disconnect the top and bottom hinge. Note that in this video this is a new style window and parts have the SNAP RINGS on the Hinges and sash bracket. Older style windows and parts will have a sliver or black clip that moves to detach from the sash