337 - Block & Tackle for Easy Tilt Jamb Liners

337 - Block & Tackle for Easy Tilt Jamb Liners
Item# 337
Block & Tackle: 

Product Description

Block & Tackle - older Style. Used on Hurd Single Hung and Double Hung Easy Tilt Jamb Liners from year 2001 - Aug 2010.

These Black & Tackle where used on other window brands as well. You will need to identify by pictures shown above (click on picture to enlarge) and code stamped on metal bar.

To order you will need to look for the code stamped on the metal bar (number followed by a letter) of the block and Tackle. See pictures above for example.

On the larger sizes block and tackle you will see a (+10) this adds $10.00 to cost in the shopping cart.

Due to the amount of sizes available we do not stock block & Tackle. Lead time is 3 weeks. Special order item NO return.