902 - Casement & Awning (Clad) Off Set Bulb Frame Weatherstrip

902 - Casement & Awning (Clad) Off Set Bulb Frame Weatherstrip
Item# 902
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Product Description

902 - Casement & Awning (Clad) Off Set Bulb Frame Weatherstrip
Part Number: 902

As of April 2019 the old style (see picture) is no longer available. You will receive the new style which is the direct replacement and in stock.

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1500 Foot Spool - no returns on spools**

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**1500 Foot Spool can have a lead time if not in stock

This Window weather strip seal was on Hurd Wood/Clad and All Wood Casement and Awning Windows

For Hurd Casement and Awning windows Energy Saver Style. This Weather Strip is located on the frame of the window. Vintage Jan 2014 for All Wood Hurd Casement and Awning Windows. And Vintage July 2009 to present for Wood/Clad Casement and Awning Windows (now manufactured under the name Sierra Pacific Premium Double Hung - WI).

Weather Strip Seals are an maintenance item. You should replace your weather strip every 10-15 years depending on your climate and weather conditions of the area you live in so windows seal properly.

This weather strip seal has been used on many other window brands as well.

Color: Gray

Known Part Number: 902, 020546