Casement Screen Kit (Knocked Down)

Casement Screen Kit (Knocked Down)
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Product Description

Casement Screen Kit (Knocked Down)
Casement Screens for Hurd Wood/Wood and Wood/Aluminum Casement Windows:

Goldtone and Coppertone Colors are Discounted

Screen Kit (knocked Down) assembly required. Kits comes with screen frame cut to size ordered, corners, screen mesh, spline, and spline tool. Everything you need to make your screen.

Step by Step instructional video on how find the Call Out to order Hurd Casement Screens. Check out our YouTube Channel below.

For instructions on how to Replace Screen Corners and assemble a screen please click on our R&R Window Blog Link: R&R Window Blog

How To Order New Screen for Casement Window (click on picture for diagram):

Aluminum/Wood Lift Rail & Plunger AND Current Wood/Wood Lift Rail Screen Formula:

Screen Width - 1.4375 (1 7/16") = Glass Width / Call Out Width

Screen Height - 0.375 (3/8") = Glass Width / Call Out Height

Wood/Wood Plunger Screen Formula:

Screen Width - 1.4375 (1 7/16") = Glass Width / Call Out Width

Screen Height - 0.4375 (7/16") = Glass Height / Call Out Height


To find the Hurd Call Out Size, measure the visible glass width and visible glass height of your window sash. Then round your measurement up to the next odd inch.

Example: If your visible glass measurement is 18 1/4" wide x 26 1/4" Height. Then round up to the next odd inch. Your call out / what you would order would be 19 x 27

Manufacture Dates For For Wood/Aluminum Casement Windows:: Plunger Style Screens made from 1998 and Prior. Lift Raile Screen made from 01/1998 to Present

Helpful Tip: For Wood/Aluminum Casement Windows: Plunger style screens will fit all Casement windows, regardless of manufacture date. Lift Rail type screens are not interchangeable with Plunger style screens made 1998 and Prior.


Due to many sizes and colors: All screens are made to order allow 3-4 week lead time

When you order screens based on the Call Out if you would like to include your screen size please put screen measurements in the order comment box along with the Call Out it corresponds too. If you do this screens will be ordered from the factory using your screen size you give us. Again please be exact on your screen size measurements down to the 16th of an inch and must be entered as Width X Height. There are no returns.