217 - Clear Story Manual Window Wand Crank Adapter "Male"

217 - Clear Story Manual Window Wand Crank Adapter "Male"
Item# 217
$45.95, 5/$200.00

Product Description

Fits Roto Pro Drive (OPO5) Operators

Put those operable clear story windows to energy-saving use with our 39-series clerestory extension crank. High mounted windows are excellent for capturing light while providing privacy, but they can also be “excellent” heat traps. It is now possible to vent the heat that rises to these areas as easily as opening any other window in the home.

It’s inexpensive and can easily retrofit to existing or new window installations. By simple removal of the existing crank handle and replacement with an adapter (Hex-Bolt) the crank will open and close any operable clerestory window. It is not necessary to replace the current operator.

The removable extension crank is available in many standard sizes for either sill or jamb mounted operators. (See Manual Window Wands) The standard finish for the crank is natural anodized aluminum.