187 - Sash Bracket with Set Ring

187 - Sash Bracket with Set Ring
Item# 187
$15.00, 2/$25.00, 5/$50.00, 10/$80.00

Product Description

Replacement Awning and Casement Part for Hurd Windows. Used on Hurd Energy Saver and H3 window.

Random color shipped - black or beige.

New Style Sash Bracket for with Set Ring: For Truth DLX Maxium and Encore Operators.

Used on Hurd Windows From 02/02/98 - Present

On DLX Operators 1998 - 2005 Sash Bracket was black as shown in picture. On Encore Operators 2005 - Present sash bracket was beige. Both colors are exactly the same and interchangeable

Quick How To video on removing a Hurd Casement Sash from a frame in a few easy steps. If you are replacing the operator on a Casement there is no need to disconnect whole sash from the frame. Just disconnect the operator arms from the sash bracket and/or track shoe from the sash as shown in the 1st part of the video. No need to disconnect the top and bottom hinge.