Door Installation Tool

Door Installation Tool
Item# 624-door-install-tool

Product Description

Finally, a tool that allows anyone to achieve an accurate install every time.

This kit revolutionizes the way door installation is viewed as well as helps to reduce the current burden that is associated with it. The tool uses integrated levels and built-in spacers that allow users to fine-tune ever unique installation.

To Use: Simply click the tool onto the door and set it into position; then use the attached level and fasten the door into place. no more juggling 6-foot level or trying to balance the door while attempting to keep everything square. Each part is designed to keep the appropriate space around the door during installation. This helps to ensure the reveal between the door and jamb stays perfect. By keeping this space parallel and plumb, your doors will operate properly every time.

This tool allows contractors and DIY'ers to easily install doors accurately and consistently, which in turn helps to prevent unnecessary callback and warranty claims. If a door is installed properly it will last to serve its purpose for many years to come. However, if a door is installed improperly it will build up tension and eventually warp or fail over time. Currently, improper installation is one of the largest causes for door failure and consequent door replacement by a manufacturer. In fact, when one of the largest door manufacture in America was polled, their answer was a staggering 95% of the doors that they take back on a warranty claim failed due to installation error and not because of any failure during their manufacturing process. IF this is sail hard to believe, walk around whatever building you are in right now and look at the doors, more particularly, look at the reveal or gap on the hinged side of your doors. If this gap is not parallel the entire length of the door, it is causing un-even tension, which in turn leads to... you guessed it, TOURBLES!