137 - Encore Folding Handle and Operator Cover - Kit - (9/19/05 to Present) BULK PRICING

137 - Encore Folding Handle and Operator Cover - Kit - (9/19/05 to Present) BULK PRICING
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Product Description

Folding Handle and Operator Cover for Casements and Awning Operators (Note: LH Kit fits awning operator) Used From: 9/19/05 to Present

Price depends on finish selected and will be shown in cart.

Colors with longer lead times (2-3 weeks): Coppertone, Black, Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze

Printing and computer screens limit our ability to show colors precisely. You can order a color sample from us to determine what color you want BEFORE you order your parts.

Other Colors Available: To see Truth finish colors please click on link to our truth finish page. Please note not all finishes shown are available in every truth part. Truth Finish Colors

This video will show how to attached # 137 Encore Cover and handle to the # 119 Truth Encore Operator

Manufacture Tech Note: Proper Installation of an Operator Cover & Nested Folding Handle.

When installing the cover and handle on the operator you should follow these instructions:

Snap the cover onto the operator base.

Place the handle onto the spline of the operator and rotate the handle to close the window.

Lock the window in place.

Rotate the handle turn back (towards opening direction) to reduce the pressure on the operator.

If the handle needs to be positioned in a nested cover you can remove the handle at this time and re-position it so that it will rest correctly in the nested cover.

Tighten the set screw on the handle.

Unlock the window and cycle the sash open and closed until the handle returns to the starting position whereby there is no additional torque required to close the sash. Note: the sash should travel to a point that the lock can easily engage and seal the window.

If the window does not come all the way into the closed position, and more force is required on the operator to close the window, you will need to review the window for the following; sash sag; racked window; lock points that are not properly aligned; or hinges not installed correctly. These issues should be corrected prior to repeating the installation of the handle onto the operator spline.

Placing the operator and the handle under high stress and abusive loads can cause permanent failures to the handle or operator as the window is repeatedly opened and closed.