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Flitz Polish - Tube Only
Flitz Polish - Tube Only
Item# 629

Product Description

(1) Tube 150g Metal Plastic & Fiberglass Polish (Maximum Strength)

One product, Many uses. Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Glass, Corian«...

A concentrated cream, Flitz Polish is unsurpassed in its ability to Clean, Polish, Deoxidize and Protect. Tough, durable protection; Non-abrasive formula; Non-toxic; Non-flammable; USDA authorized; Protects up to 6 months in fresh water; up to 3 months in salt water.

Use on: Brass, Copper, Silverplate, Sterling Silver, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Solid Gold, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Beryllium, Magnesium, Platinum, Pewter, Factory Hot Gun Bluing, Painted Surfaces, Formica«, Cultured Marble, Corian«, Glass, Plexiglas«, Plastics, Fiberglass, Eisenglass, and Armatel«

Easily Removes: Tarnish, Rust, Water Stains, Chalking, Lime Deposits, Heat Discoloration, Lead & Powder Residue, Oxidation, Bugs, Tar, Oil, Fingerprints, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Graffiti, Dyes, Black Streaks/Scuff Marks.

Not for: Electroplated finishes.