828-B - Handle Set Extension

828-B - Handle Set Extension
Item# 828-B

Product Description

To place an order for an handle set extension, there are five essential pieces of information we need to know about your job. They are:

1. Handle hardware manufacturer or door manufacturer (photos are always helpful here, as about the five preferred perspectives)

2. Finish (we have a sales tool you can purchase to help with this)

3. Quantity (include active and dummy count)

4. Window treatment going on door (e.g. 3.5 inch louver 2-1/4 inch L-frame depth shutter, 3/4 inch pleat 1-1/4 inch bottom rail cell, 2 inch slat wood blind, etc)

5. Sidemark/Job tag (clients last name)

Depending on your answers, there may be additional questions like handing or lever design. If you can email photos of the door & handle, this helps speed the process and starts a portfolio for you. Please send the five answers and photos to Britt@RandRwindow.com to initiate an order.

Once we have the handle details and determine we have a compatible design for it, we enter the order into our system and email you a confirmation for your approval. Review the confirmation and reply with your written approval or corrections. Once approved, we fabricate and finish your spacer to order. The kit components are then assembled with installation instructions and packaged for shipment. Lead times to ship average two(2)- three(3) weeks.

Our terms are Prepaid, so once we receive your payment, by credit card your order will be placed with manufacturing.

Pricing ranges from $75 to $175 per kit depending on the handle and spacer size needed for the window treatment. Because these are made to order, pricing is quoted per job. For reference, price is proportional to the spacer size but inversely to the value of the handle ... the cheaper the handle, the more expensive the extension is. Volume discounts start at quantities of ten kits.

Special Order NO Returns