121 - Hinge Arm and Track Assembly Kit

121 - Hinge Arm and Track Assembly Kit
Item# 121
$45.00, 2/$70.00, 5/$125.00
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121 - Hinge Arm and Track Assembly Kit
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Old style hinges are no longer available. The new adjustable hinges will work with all vintages of Hurd All Wood and Wood/Clad Casement and Awning Windows. Please note you may have to drill 1 new hole as the new style hinge arm many not align perfectly with all three existing screw holes.

Bulk Pricing Available For These Parts! (price is automatically updated in shopping cart when you update QTY).

Hinge Kits Come In 10", 14" and 18" (price for 18" track will update in shipping cart). Please note the 18" kit is NON adjustable and DO NOT come in stainless steel.

Only 10" and 14" are ADJUSTABLE AND available in Stainless Steel

See Picture to know if you need 10", 14" or 18" - Click on picture to enlarge.

Casement Hinge Track Kit includes; 1 left hand hinge track with hinge, 1 right hand hinge track with hinge

10" and 14" Hinge track kits are adjustable. Add the wrench for $10.00. Savings of $4.00

Adjustable hinges help with sash dragging. When you adjust the bottom hinge toward the locking side it raises up the lock side sash up. If it makes it worse, adjust the other way.

If you have the old style hinges with the metal clip you MUST also replace the track (which comes in the kit) as the new style hinges do not have a metal clip to hold it to the track. It now has a set ring on the track to hold everything in place. Old style hinges with clip are no longer available.

Replacement window hinges can be used on casements and awning windows.

Step by step instructional video on how to adjust hinges. Check out our YouTube Channel below, don't forget to like and subscribe!

Known Part Number: 20681, 30463, 31512, 31532, 071153, 017754, 010784, 010786, 076005

For instructions on how to Replace Hinge and Track please click on our R&R Window Blog Link: Instructions on how to replace window hinge and track click on this link

For instructions on how to adjust hinges click on our R&R Window Blog Link: Instructions on how to adjust window hinges click on this link

Quick How To video on removing a Hurd Casement Sash from a frame in a few easy steps. This is also good to know if you are replacing the hinges part # 121. If you are replacing the operator on a Casement there is no need to disconnect whole sash from the frame. Just disconnect the operator arms from the sash bracket and track shoe from the sash. Note that in this video this is a new style window and parts have the SNAP RINGS on the Hinges and sash bracket. Older style windows and parts will have a sliver or black clip that moves to detach from the sash.