109 - Operator -Short Arm (7 1/2") ( Prior To 1988)

109 - Operator -Short Arm (7 1/2") ( Prior To 1988)
Item# 109
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Product Description

Single Arm Amesbury Truth 7 1/2" - Traditional Style Case - Once stock of the traditional square style is gone it will be automatically replaced with the Ellipse Style Case.

Used on Hurd windows from 1976-1987 Short Arm Operator. used on: 11" and 15" windows.

To determine what handing to order: Look at picture of part and match up your operator to our picture to determine if you need to order a Left or Right handing. Click on picture to enlarge.

For instructions on how to replace a operator please click on our R&R Window Blog Link: R&R Window Blog

Note that in this video this is a new style window and parts have the SNAP RINGS on the Hinges and sash bracket. Older style windows and parts will have a sliver or black clip that moves to detach from the sash.