Item# C1002
$50.00, 2/$80.00, 5/$150.00, 10/$250.00
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Product Description

Glazing Snap Bead for 9100 and 9200 Cascade and WinPro Windows

Comes in White, Almond Or Clay

Comes in 6', 7' and 8' - To order an 8' pc customer MUST also select the 8' shipping adder. As of February 2018 UPS and FedEx has increased their pricing and any item that is 8' or longer is $150 to ship UPS or FedEx Ground. if customer selects 8' pcs and does not select the shipping adder this will delay the shipment of their order as will contact customer to pay of the 8' adder shipping or ask if they want a 6' or 7' pcs shipped in place of the 8' pc