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R&R recommends using ONLY a 26.1 Ratio Caulk Gun with OSI products. # 620

Limited supply available - as of 4/16/15 only 3.5 cases left in stock. Call to check stock before you place your order

TeQ::Seal has been discontinued and is beginning replaced by OSI QUAD MAX


OSI® WINTeQ™ TeQ::Seal™ Elastomeric Window Installation Flange Sealant is a single component high quality sealant based on modified polyurethane polymers. This modified formula was designed for the WINTeQ™ Window Installation System for easy application in all weather conditions. It offers fast cure when exposed to atmospheric humidity. TeQ::Seal™ is permanently flexible, weather resistant and paintable. It is compatible with all components in the WINTeQ™ Window Installation System. TeQ::Seal™ goes on smoothly and has easy cut off without stringing. TeQ::Seal™ adheres to wood, metal, vinyl, glass, aluminum and most common building substrates. This low VOC Formula meets State and Federal VOC regulations.

Color: White ONLY


TeQ::Seal™ is ideal for back caulking vinyl or aluminum window nailing flanges, for sealing between nailing flanges and weather resist barrier and exterior sheathing.


�� Not intended to replace mechanical fasteners for attaching windows

�� Underwater applications or permanent water immersion

�� Applications requiring temperature resistance greater than 176°F (80°C)


Ultra low VOC content………………………………….Qualifies for LEED® points; Meets stringent State and Federal VOC regulations.

Long lasting quality………………..…………………….Will not harden, crack, separate or yellow over time

Easy to Install…………………………………………….Can be installed in any weather condition; Will adhere to wet surfaces; Compatible with asphalt and butyl flexible flashing.

Part of a complete Window Installation System………WINTeQ™ is the first complete & fully compatible window installation system

R&R recommends using ONLY a 26.1 Ratio Caulk Gun with OSI products. # 620

NEW - Quad Max comes in white only

Rest of the colors are the regular OSI QUAD


OSI QUAD Advanced Formula Sealant is composed of elastomeric polymers and high quality synthetic resins. This product offers the superior adhesion characteristics and unmatched elasticity found in high performance sealants. It yields a tough, rubbery seal which resists outdoor weather related elements like water, oxygen, ozone, heat and UV light. The formula skins over in a short time to resist dirt and dust pickup. It goes on smoothly and has easy cut-off without stringing. When cured, the surface displays a slight sheen similar to some silicone sealants. QUAD is paintable with either latex or oil-based paint.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sealing around windows, doors, fiber-cement siding, vinyl siding, roofing and gutters. It bonds without a primer to most common substrates like cedar, fiberglass, aluminum, masonry and concrete.


��Do not use for sealing expansion joints, including butt joints.

��Not compatible with polystyrene foams and polypropylene or polyethylene plastics.

��Do not use in applications requiring continuous water immersion.

��Do not use as a traffic bearing sealant, on log homes or inside occupied structures.

��For best results, the sealant should not be used in applications less than ½ in depth in order to maintain the integrity of the sealant. Do not feather or smear the sealant. Do not use to fill nail holes.

��For joints deeper than 3/8 (9.5 mm), a backing material should be used.

��Tooling of the sealant is not necessary or recommended.

For a 10 fl. oz. (295 mL) cartridge: A ½ (6 mm) bead extrudes approximately 31 ft. (9.3 m). A 3/8 (9.5 mm) bead extrudes approximately 13.6 ft. (4.1 m).


Withstands moderate expansion-contraction cycles. Permanently flexible; Will not crack or split even over temperature extremes

Water-resistant. Great for outdoor applications

No Air Pops...Quad will not pop or splatter & will dispense smoothly on extrusion from the cartridge

Paintable and durable...Long-lasting, professional finish

Available in a variety of colors... Manufactured to match most window, door and siding colors.

Size Per Tube: 10 fl. oz.

Package: Paper Cartridge
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