198 - Lock Tie Bar

198 - Lock Tie Bar
Item# 198
Hurd Call Out / Glass Size:  By Bar Length: 

Product Description

198 - Lock Tie Bar
Tie Bar For Casement or Awning - Screws not included

Tie Bars are are handed however you can easily change the handing you need be swapping the black tabs to one way or the other.

Please note: this is a low stock item and may be subject to lead time - call R&R for more details.

To Order By Hurd Call Out Size / Glass Size Height: For Hurd Casements and Awnings measure height of visible glass to know which size to order. If your visible glass is 26" round up 1" to get glass size. Then you need to order a 27" Tie bar. As that's you call out.

To order by Bar Length: Measure the length of the Tie Bar Bar. Not including the pivot clip on the bottom. See picture

Picture example is a 19" length tie bar = Hurd glass size call out 27". On Hurd windows Tie bar is 8" shorter then glass size height call out.

Known Part Number: 198, 31983, 31980

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