Transcend Sash Kit for Replacement Double Hung Windows

Transcend Sash Kit for Replacement Double Hung Windows
Item# DHSashKit

Product Description

If your existing double hung window frames are still in good condition, here’s the smartest, least expensive, most convenient way to replace them. Sierra Pacific easy-tilt replacement sash kits are sized to fit your existing sash opening. They install very easily. It’s all accomplished from inside your home—without removing your existing frame, sill, interior or exterior trim. As with every Sierra Pacific product, better engineering in our sash kit means noticeably better performance. Both sash tilt easily to make removal and cleaning a snap. Both sash operate smoothly and seal completely. So you get all the benefits of today’s newest window technology without the expense and mess of a big remodeling project.

Here’s Why Sierra Pacific Sash Kits Are Superior To Others:

1. Unlike other sash kits, our balances are concealed. You’ll appreciate the difference immediately.

2. Our sash kits are adjustable for far superior installation and smoother operation.

3. Our wood is protected to the very core with CoreGuard™. It’s the best wood protection in the business, and only Sierra Pacific has it.

4. Our sash kits are protected on the outside by double- thick, heavy-duty, .055 extruded aluminum cladding.

5. Our optional integral screen channel is a first.

6. Matching full or half screens are available and automatically Pre-Sized to the Sash Kit.

7. Although you get everything you need (all parts, detailed installation and finishing instructions), we’ve simplified installation by using fewer parts and no clips.

For Measuring & Sizing Info, Options and a free Quote. Please click Send E-Mail- The sash kit instructions will be e-mailed to you with all details and options. Follow Measuring and sizing instructions, return, and a quote will be e-mailed to you.

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